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Daniel Ehle

Morris Plains, nj
19.10.2016, 11:21
I am writing to reinforce the comments of Mr Brown.** The Burger meat is a blend of several cuts of meat.** I prepared several burgers on my griller/smoker.** After tasting a sample,** suggested to all our guests that no bread or condiments are needed as the quality and flavor of the burgers shone through on it's own.** ** I am a big fan of Denville Meat Shop and would take home any cuts that Jeff recommends when you are looking for something special!** Also,** do not believe one can find a finer selection of Prime quality meats anywhere in the area.**

Sam Brown

27.08.2014, 19:00
I feel so lucky that they choose Denville to open up a shop.** It is like you always read or hear about in the cooking shows.** “Ask the butcher what I should get and how to prepare?**”** They will explain to you where your meats come from and how they prepared it and how you can cook it.** When I choose the burgers,** I was explained what cuts make up the burger and they added some smoked jalapeño for a hint of flavor.** He was also trying to explain where the meat come from…**…to be honest I really wanted to get home and start the grill.** ** I was not let down!** I tried a bite after the grill and I couldn’t stop.** I didn’t even waste time with the bun.** And oh no,** NO condiments.** This burger stood on its own as the best tasting I have even had.** Better then steaks I have had…**…**…**.even at World Class Steak House!** ** If you don’t know what the difference.** Just try it!** This is will be the treat you will not soon forget

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