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Kobe Steak 10/02/2014

Learn the different cuts of steak and the different types of grading.  Chef Jeff will explain the different grading systems used to determine the beef's pricing and the process on how to properly DRY AGE meats.  Learn the diffrence between Kobe, Prime, and then taste the next level with the dry aging component..  Our Chef will answer all of your questions, teach you how to buy whole and plan dinners, and demonstrate how to pick the best steak.  Dont be afraid of cooking steak again. Bring some wine BYOB and enjoy this class.  After we cut down some whole pieces, our chef will show you some basic cooking techniques to help you in your preperation.  RSVP with deposit, minimum 10 signups to hold class.  Chef Jeff will them prepare dinner, KOBE STEAKS!!!!!!!!!!


Class fee is $75 which includes lesson and dinner


Class time: 7:30pm



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