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We Deliver!!!!

$3 within 7 miles, over $75 free

$6 over 7 miles but within 12 miles, Over $75 free within 12 miles



32oz Large:$10.99, 16oz Small: $5.99

Organic Chicken and Vegetable Soup gf/df

 Organic Beef and Vegetable Soup gf/df

 Organic Prime Beef Chili gf/df

Daily Specials: $9.99

(served 10am-4pm)

sides: duck fat french fries, smoked bacon potato salad, slaw, roasted beets-n-feta salad


Smokehouse Taco Tuesdays: your choice of two street style tacos served with pickled onions and cilantro, your choice of side!!!!

 organic taco fillings: smoked bbq pulled pork. Smoked bbq pulled chicken, grilled chicken, mexican style prime ground beef

Wing Wednesdays: 9 wings with your choice of side.

mild, hot, teriyaki, plain

Dry Aged Prime Beef Burger Thursdays: 8oz burger, arugula, tomato, onion, pickles, burger sauce(smoked russian), your choice of side. Addions to your burger are listed below.

CRAFT Organic - Grass Fed - Prime Beef Burgers $9.99 each (served 10am-4pm)

Includes: 8oz burger, duck fat french fries, arugula, tomato, onion, pickles, burger sauce(smoked russian). Make it a Double for $7 more!!!


                                                           Sauce: 50¢ extra, 2oz                            Cheese: 50¢ extra, 2oz                      Toppings: 50¢ extra                        

                                                             bleu cheese mayo                                               bleu                                         caramelized onions

                                                                sriracha mayo                                                 swiss                                              jalapeno

                                                      burger sauce (smoked russian)                                  cheddar                                             tomato

                                                                 dijonaisse                                                   american                                           avocado $1

                                                                 spicy dijon                                                 mozzarella                                           bacon $1

                                                                     bbq                                                                                                                    egg $1

       Organic Salads: $8.99 each   

Organic Apple Salad- granny smith apples, avocado, bleu cheese, blueberries, candied pecans, baby arugula, apple cider-basil vinaigrette. $8.99

 Salad Add ons:

grilled chicken breast $3.99, smoked turkey breast $3.99, whole avocado $2.99, grilled NY strip $6.99, smoked bacon $2.99, over easy egg $1.00


CRAFT Sandwich Menu:

served from 10AM-6PM Tuesday-Saturday

ADD: duck fat french fries, smoked bacon potato salad, slaw, roasted beets-n-feta salad $2.5

Grilled Chicken Breast - arugula, tomato, feta cheese, avocado, sundried tomato mayo, balsamic, evoo $9.99

The 1986 - thick cut smoked bologna, smoked bacon, melted mozzarella, fried egg, dijonaisse $9.99

Steak Banh Mi - marinated ny strip, cilantro, avocado, jalapenos, melted mozzarella, chipolte mayonaisse $10.99

French Dip - smoked roast beef, caramelized onions, swiss, horseraddish sauce, bone broth au jus $9.99

Cajun Steak blackened NY strip, jalapeno, fresh mozz, slaw, chipolte mayo $10.99 

Smoked BBQ Pulled Chicken coleslaw, bbq sauce, chipolte mayo, melted cheddar cheese $9.99

Steak N Cheese smoked beef, smoked bacon, fresh mozz, caramelized onions, srirach mayo $10.99 

Farmhouse Steak marinated NY Strip, smoked bacon, over easy egg, caramelized onions, dijonaisse $10.99

Cuban Steak mojo marinated prime ny strip, caramelized onions, pickles, mozz, sriracha aioli $10.99

Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork coleslaw, house made bread n buttah pickles $9.99

Rueben corned beef, swiss, house made kraut, bacon, pickles, russian dressing $9.99

Cuban roasted pork loin, smoked ham, swiss, pickles, dijonaisse $9.99

 Pastrami house made dijon, smoked bacon-sauerkraut, pickles, swiss $9.99

Tri Tip Steak tri tip steakbleu cheese aioli, cabernet onion marmalade, mozz $10.99

Smoked Turkey BLT smoked turkey breast, avocado, smoked bacon, tomatoes, arugula, bleu cheese aioli $9.99


ADD: duck fat french fries, smoked bacon potato salad, slaw, roasted beets-n-feta salad $2.5

 Sandwich Add Ons: fries $2.5, over easy egg $1, avocado $1, bacon $1, double meat $5.99, cheese $1


These items are also available for catering!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Ahead to reserve or just stop in!!!!


Daily Specials: includes choice of side

Taco Tuesday $9.99

Wing Wedn

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