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Basic Knife Skills & Trussing Meat, 08/21/2014

earn the basic knife skills that will make working in the kitchen much SAFER, easier, faster and help minimize waste.  Our chef will demonstrate basic dices, slicing, julienne, etc.  The way that you start cutting a product is the key to minimizing accidents and waste.  After we practice our knife skills, he will then demonstrate the importance of trussing [tie with string] different products [whole chicken, beef tenderloin, pork loin, turkey, lamb].  If you have ever wondered how restaurants can cook food perfectly even and the presentations are always uniform, this is the class that you need to take.  The keys are in the preparation.  After we have fun learning all of these techniques, the chef will serve dinner from the items that we made in class.  Recipes will be provided to take home.  Bring some wine BYOB and enjoy the class!!!!  Minimum 10 sign ups to hold the class.  RSVP required with deposit.


Class fee is $35.00


Time: 7:30pm


Date:  08/21/2014

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