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Porchetta...the Turducktden of Pork!!!!!  We score a Berkshire Pork Belly, Rub it with Rosemary, Thyme and Caramelized Garlic, place a brined bershire pork loin in side of it and roll it up!!!!

All Porchetta are cryvovaced to preserve freshenss and limit freezer burn if frozen.  Pieces typically weigh between 9-10#.  Order by the piece. Price is per pound.  Serves 10-15 people.


All of our products are sourced from organic farms within a 200 mile radius from our store.  All of these farms have humane practices in place for animal welfare and are free of Anitibiotics, GMO feed or hay, Corn and Soy products.  All animals are pasture raised and fed or graze on rotating grass plots or "Salad Bars" so the animals are receiving all of the necessary nutrients for a healthy diet.  Poultry is free to roam in and out of the barns as they desire to feed on insects in the Pasture.

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169.90 $